Sugar Beet Molasses
& Sugar Cane

Fruit Distillate &
Wine Alcohol

We distribute mainly domestically produced ethanol for technical applications, for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and for spirits and food industry.

All products mentioned above are subject to alcohol tax without denaturation.

We also offer products denatured and thus under tax suspension or tax-free.



For complete denaturation IPA-MEK-Bitrex (isopropyl alcohol – methyl ethyl keton – Bitrex) is used and for incomplete denaturation mainly methyl ethyl keton, ethyl acetate or isopropanol.

Whether tax exemption, transport and storage of dangerous goods or physical technical issues, our competent and friendly staff take time for your concerns!

Container Sizes

6 x 1 l glass bottle in styrofoam box

4 x 2,5 l glass bottle in styrofoam box

12 x 1 l bottle HDPE

5 l / 10 l / 25 l canister HDPE

200 l barrel HDPE

200 l barrel HDPE black EX

600 l container HDPE

1000 l container HDPE

container part load from 4000 litres of alcohol

containers full load from 28000 litres of alcohol