Delivery Terms

Deliveries are made in tank cars, road tankers, barrels and canisters. Own vessels of the customer are to be delivered to our factory. These vessels must be in perfect, clean condition, sealable and approved to ADR / RID for the transport of “flammable liquids” (UN 1170 ETHANOL, 3, II). The risk of sending the alcohol is borne by the recipient as soon as the processed brandy has been handed over to him, the carrier or the person otherwise authorized to transport the goods.

Loan containers, barrels and canisters are provided free of charge and must be returned to our factory within 30 days. Thereafter, late fees of EUR 1, – per day and piece will be charged.

In order to avoid alcohol tax reimbursement, the tax-exempt alcohol may only be used for the purpose stated in the above.

When dispatched under the duty suspension procedure, the attached transit document must be certified by the competent customs office and returned to the consignor within fourteen days – otherwise the alcohol tax will be charged.