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+ + + Price update + + +


Dear customers and business partners,


the economic impact of the corona crisis affects us all.

It is even becoming increasingly difficult for us to procure high quality alcohol.

For this reason, we have to adapt to the currently prevailing price level in the procurement
and generally increase our prices by 5% from April 1st, 2020.

Of course we are available for questions at any time
and do our utmost to be able to supply you as before.

Stay healthy!

Your team from Australco Österr. Agricultural alcohol Handelsges.m.b.H

+ + + update due to Corona virus situation + + +


Dear Customers and Business Partners,

we all have to overcome great challenges due to the current situation regarding COVID-19.

It is particularly important at the moment to support the functionality of our health system.

Australco Österr. Agrar-Alkohol Handelsges.m.b.H. as a supplier to public bodies, the Ministry of the Interior,
the Federal Army, the Red Cross, pharmacies and hospitals takes his role very seriously and will do
everything possible to ensure the supply of these institutions.

However, we are already facing the situation that the demand for ethanol for the purpose
of health care of the Austrian population is greater than in the same period can be procured.

Therefore, unfortunately, there is currently not enough ethanol available, to meet the need for other uses.

We are aware that a restriction in supply can have undesireable consequences for you,
therefore we are working hard to ensure beeing able to deliver to you again in the usual way.

We ask for your understanding of these extraordinary circumstances!

However, you are welcome to deposit your requirements at the current time
and we will serve you as soon as we have free quantities with our usual superb service quality.

Your Team from Australco Österr. Agrar-Alkohol Handelsges.m.b.H.


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