Ethanol PRIMA 96%vol. Bio-Demeter (AT-BIO-902)

is an ethanolic product with a share of 96% vol. Ethanol in Ph.Eur.- and USP quality and can be used in the food and cosmetic sector.

The raw materials for this bio-alcohol are obtained from Demeter-certified cultivation and processed according to these guidelines.

Demeter is the oldest association for organic agriculture and is due to Rudolf Steiner, the founder of “Anthroposophy”. This biodynamic farming concept is based not only on a scientific aspect but also on a humanistic approach:

The whole operation is seen as an organism with a self-contained individuality. The highest degree of care is taken to manage raw materials and natural cycles are maintained.

The farmers focus on the unity of man and nature and produce 100% organic and holistic.

Thus, the fertilization with bio-dynamic preparations is carried out using medicinal plants, rock crystals, cow dung and animal husks (horns). The crop rotation is varied depending on the location. The keeping of ruminants or horses is obligatory, these are an important part of the natural cycle and are treated according to their nature and fed with farm-owned feed.

In addition, cosmological aspects, such as the use of planetary computations during sowing and fertilization, are integrated into agriculture.

The goal of this harmonious interplay of all areas is not maximization but a continuous high-quality yield.

A concept for a better world!

We are very pleased to cooperate with Gut Alt-Prerau Biologische Ackerbau Ges.m.b.H in 2164 Wildendürnbach in this area:

Available containers: 5, 10, 25, 200, 600, 1000 und 28000 litres

a very popular and high-quality product, is suitable for all areas and available from corn.

Due to their ingredients and auxiliary materials, these products are suitable for vegetarian and vegan food. There are no allergenic reactions of this product according to regulation (EC) no. 68/2007. The product is not subject to GVO labeling according to regulation (EC) 1829/2003, regulation (EC) no. 1830/2003 and LMKV Annex 3. The product is not a novel food according to regulation (EC) no. 258/97 and is not subject to labeling as such. The product complies with regulation (EC) no. 110/2008.

Hazards Identification:

Flam. Liq. 2: flammable liquids – category 2

Eye Irrit. 2: serious eye damage/ eye irritation – category 2